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Hey mes amis. I’m Mike and I make stuff.

Mostly I work on developing cute little imaginary creatures that are amazingly expressive and get to star in their own movies. I’ve got an apartment in New York, but as often as possible, I escape to Paris. To me it’s the most inspiring city in the world. As the French say "C'est pas mal!”

If you want to be like me, simply follow in my footsteps. First spend about two decades in a dark room bringing other people’s ideas to life while learning classical sculpting techniques and using the latest digital tools. Then just before you think you might go postal, move to Paris and cross your fingers. If you don’t get robbed blind the first day, you might land a paying gig as an artist ala moi, the luckiest guy ever. But it’s a very good idea to have a back-up plan. I’m ready to sell wire sculptures on the street, for example, if it all comes crashing down.

Meanwhile you can usually find me at Cafe Deux Magots. I’m the guy with the sketchbook.